Top Brand Design

A strong brand strategy precedes any design, giving your brand purpose and direction. We ensure that your tone of voice, values, and visual territory are all in alignment so that you can generate engagement and confidence in your audience. Where we dive into your brand may depend on where you are at in your development stage being either:


Stages of development may include:

• Building on your core brand vision
• Expanding your brand identity platform
• Developing your marketing materials
• Formalising your brand assets suite

Spring Forward - What We Do

what we produce

We are a bespoke branding studio, and as such we offer a wide range of tailored marketing and graphic design services. The deliverables of any project may include anything from an initial brand strategy briefing through to the final style guide & everything inbetween:
+ Strategic Positioning
+ Brand Identity Design
+ Logos, Naming, Taglines
+ Company Collateral
+ Websites & Digital Assets
+ Brand Copywriting
+ Photography & Video
+ Marketing Materials
+ Brochures & Flyers
+ Sale points & Signage
+ Packaging & Labelling
+ Print Management

Websites & Digital

These days anybody can set up a website, but we create premium, branded websites that instantly reinforce credibility, communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately convert users into customers. Great design is led by strategic content and up-to-date technical solutions, and this is where our expertise kicks in so that your website delivers exactly what your business needs it to:

+ Branded Website Design
+ Strategic Content Ideation
+ UX User Experience Design
+ IA Information Architecture
+ Responsive Web Design
+ eCommerce Integrations
+ Landing Pages & Banners
+ Digital/Banner Advertising
+ EDM Electronic Direct Mail
+ Social Media Platforms
+ Self Management Systems
+ Maintenance & Ongoing
Bird Brand Design

your marketing materials

When you invest time and resources into compelling marketing materials, you’re effectively building a bridge that connects your brand with your audience, igniting curiosity and driving action. Successful marketing requires a balance between understanding your target audience, harnessing the power of visuals, crafting persuasive copy, and leveraging the proper channels to amplify your strategic messaging:

+ Digital & Print Advertising
+ POS Retail Materials
+ EDM Nuture Campaigns
+ Packaging & Labelling
+ Brochures & Flyers
+ Pitches & Presentations
+ Photography & Video
+ Signage & Way Finding
+ Exhibitions/Tradeshows
+ Brand Voice Copywriting
+ Corporate Stationery
+ Social Pages & Profiles

the team behind the scenes

With more than a decade of working with top brands and companies, we are a bespoke firm of independent specialists who’ve developed sharp knowledge of all different aspects of branding. Meet some of our fabulous team and partners who keep the cogs shining bright:
Kirsti Lewis - What We Do


Creative Director

Michael Cahill - What We Do
Michael Cahill

Development Director

Georgie Gracin - What We Do

Georgie Gracin

Senior Producer

Jenna Gawn - What We Do

Jenna Gawn

Digital Developer

Jacob Rowntree - What We Do


Strategy & Culture

Taz Beaumont - What We Do
Taz Beaumont

Studio Guru

Sabine Levy -What We Do

Sabine Levy

Copywriting Wizard

Lucy The Woof - What We Do

Lucy the woof

Motivation Officer